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The U.S. government requires all employers to verify eligibility to work for each person they hire. As part of that verification process, your employer must get from you and keep on file an I-9 form.

This site will take you through the process of filling in your I-9 in a few simple steps. Filling in the form and submitting it to your employer will take only a few minutes. You will be able to complete and submit the form from this site. Nothing needs to be printed out or mailed.

'After your employer receives your I-9 submission, you will be asked to show originals of certain documents to establish your eligibility to work. Which documents you must show will depend on which documents you cite in your I-9 form.

The U.S. government has strict requirements about the acceptability of documents for establishing work eligibility that vary with each person's circumstance. This site will help you determine which documents you should cite on your I-9. For U.S. citizens, the most common documentation provided is either a U.S. passport or the combination of a driver's license and a social security card.

If you have further questions about why the I-9 form is necessary, please contact your employer directly.

If you would like to learn more about how you submit your I-9 form to your employer using this site, please view this brief tutorial.


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